Spanish Revival Architecture Styles

Spanish Revival Architecture is probably one of the most striking features of the erstwhile Spanish colonies that are there in the world. Although there may not be many homes currently here that dates back to this period, several architects also model their homes according to this distinct style of architecture. One of the most notable things that can be found in homes of this style is the presence of a large amount of hand painted tiles with rich pastel colors which are a trade mark of this design and is very Mediterranean in its influence. Architecture of the Spanish Revival style has several smaller elements to it and in fact this movement actually took so much wind that it lead to a consequent event which was known as the Florida Renaissance in the USA. There are also homes of such nature that are found in a lot of other places too and real estate is really popular among probable buyers. Check with real estate agents who do indeed deal in homes like this and find the plane which will suite you. Homes like this do indeed come in large sizes and they are generally above the mark of 3000 sq feet if not more. Get more facts on home styles and decor at

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