Mexican Talavera

mexican talavera ceramic and potteryTalavera is the term used to describe faithful reproductions of the china and pottery that is made in the Spanish village of Talavera de la Reina, whose craftsmen have made tremendous contributions to the world’s knowledge of fine ceramics down through the centuries.

Talavera pottery itself is a form of Majolica, which refers to all types of handmade enameled earthenware. It was first developed in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt and was further refined in China where it became very popular. The craft came into use in Spain by the Thirteenth Century, where its development was heavily influenced by centuries of Moorish domination.

Within Mexico, this style dates back to the 16th century colonial era when it was first introduced to Mexico by Spanish guild artisans. Thus today, Mexican Talavera reflects the diverse cultural heritage inherited from the Orient, the Italian Renaissance, the Moors, Spain and the indigenous people of Mexico. Visit for more Mexican Talavera home decor accessories.

A Superb Stairway with Talavera Tiles

The staircase functions as a bridge that combines upstairs and downstairs of a house. It should be made in a way that’s safe and sound to the family members, visitors and everybody who uses it to ascend and descend. And it should be comfortable at the same time. The treads, handrails and stair raisers should be of the finest built. A staircase built in that quality brings an ornamental delight to the whole household. In order to get that done successfully one should take great care of the key factors in the process of erecting the staircase. Here are some important points which would be valuable to you if you ever think of having an excellent stairway to connect the upper and lower floors of your home.

Ceramic tiles are better

Some people prefer wooden stairs since they’re natural and look elegant at the beginning. But they easily wear out with the time, especially when wood is used for creating treads. Since the surface of the wood is a bit rougher than ceramics, dirt gets accumulated on it quickly. When once the sealant is removed from the surface, the fine finish of the stairs is gone for the good. Therefore, try to get ceramic tiles for the raisers in your home. And also, ceramics have a higher resistance to moisture. So, that’s yet another reason to recommend ceramic as the fittest material to create raisers.

How to install ceramic tiles in stairs

Do it just the ordinary way as you install tiles in any other surface such as a wall, counter top etc. Level the thin set on the surface and press the tile into it. Keep the space between the tiles evenly using plastic spacers. When it comes to grout these lines, be careful to select a grout color that goes with the color of the tiles. After applying grout, wipe out the tiles with a damp sponge to remove the grout stains on the tiles if there are any. Let grout to dry and apply sealer afterwards. Fine grouting gives a perfect finish to the whole process.

Well, grout lines are a huge nuisance to any home owner since they get dirty very quickly. Dust and tiny particles of garbage get accumulated in the grout lines and give the entire tiled area a horrible look. Even the tiles may look old due to this dirt in the spaces. Therefore, you can even install a kind of special tiles which are without grout lines as a solution to that problem. But you can do it only when the tiled home is in a dry area. They are vitrified tiles which are made using compressed clay. Anyway, if you need to make your tiling project aesthetically pleasing to everybody, you need to pay attention to all these important points.

Safety is of great importance

There should not be any possibility of somebody to fall on your stairs and become the victim. It may be even a fatal accident that we must not even dream of happening. So, make sure that your stairs have no any sharp edges. Just as the workers say in their own jargon, all the edges should be ‘bull nosed’. That means they should be rounded to avoid any hurts that might happen to the climbers. People use either natural stones or ceramic tile materials to bull nose the edges of the stairs. Apart from the safety factor, the bull nosed tiles are more durable than the ones with sharp edges. Anyway, you must not leave room for any doubts about the safety of the stair case. Safety and comfort are the most important factors.

Rounding the sharp edges or ‘bull nosing’ offers two options for the customers. They can discuss with the contractor beforehand since every worker cannot do this task very well. If not, they can purchase pre-bull nosed trim tiles to do the edges. But this is a bit harder since trim pieces that go with the color and size of the tiles could be found very rarely. But there are certain tile manufacturers who perform a wise job of making these trim pieces to match the colors and sizes of all types. So, you can buy these trim pieces from one of them. 

Individual Stair Visibility

All the people are not capable alike to judge where a tile in raisers starts and ends? That capability or disability comes through practice and experience they get when going up and down the stairs. It’s something that lies in one’s sub-conscious mind. The height and width of a stair matter a lot in this illusion of where the step ends and the next one starts. Generally, a stair riser should be 7 inches maximum. And the width of a step should reach 6 inches. 

Stairs must be slip-resistant

  Whatever the material used to make the stairs they should never be slippery. There are ceramics that are highly moisture-resistant. Matt tiles are better in this regard since they have a high friction. So, they’re less slippery. In order to prevent accidents, you must buy a non-slippery tile available in the market.  

How can you select the best variety of tiles for your projects?

Well, that’s the most important part of your project. Even if you employ best workers and spend lots of money to make the tiling process successful, if you do not choose the right materials, you’ll be a failure. Therefore, make it a habit to select tiles from a reliable source like They’re the experts in the tile industry today. Mexican Talavera tiles for the raisers will do a good job making the whole project a huge success.

 Talavera tiles are meant for a wide variety of purposes.  They are decorative, perfect and always good looking. The beauty they establish in a place couldn’t be expected from any other variety available today. Alfredo Cortes’ is spreading their clarion call throughout the world tile industry by now.  He guides his employees to take great responsibility to issue all the tile products in the best possible quality. Careful packing and on time delivery protect all these products until they reach the hands of the client. So, you can always count on them for flawless and worth-buying products. Mexican Talavera tiles used in stair raisers never give you trouble.  So, keep utmost confidence on Mexican Talavera products. They would be ideal for your stair raisers.  

Why should you always buy copper switch plates?

Copper brings in a delightful feeling. Even in the ancient past, copper is treated with excellency by the royals. When it comes to speak about modern home decor, copper has won a specific attention any other metal cannot surpass. Especially, Mexicans have an expertise in dealing with copper ware. Copper switches, switch plates, covers and wall plates are immensely used to decorate modern homes. They are stylish, elegant and fit into any home. Copper switch plates give life to many home décor patterns. Here are a few interesting reasons why you should use copper switch plates to enhance the appearance of your home.

Copper switch plates

Copper switches improve the rustic style

The dark brown color of copper has a magical ability to give a rustic look to your home. Nowadays, the antique look is something preferred by most home owners. Copper switch plates serve that purpose much better than ceramic ones. Their color, texture and the patina that changes with the time are supportive factors to improve the rustic nature of any home.

They enhance the hygiene of interiors

Copper is an excellent germ killer. Any microbe that gets in contact with a copper surface never escapes. So, copper switch plates prevent microbial infections. They are suitable especially to the rooms of babies and for public places where big crowds often move. Copper protects you from all kinds of infections

Copper switch plates are an ornament

If you are creative, you can enhance the beauty of the interiors by using copper switch plates in a decorative way. If you are a lover of books, you can paint your favorite book character onto the wall just above the switch plate, to make it look like it’s sitting on it. The exceptional look of these copper switch plates suits best for such creative decorations.

Anyway, when you buy a copper switch plate, never forget to buy a Mexican hand hammered one. They’re of a super quality non can surpass. Being copper experts, Mexicans always deliver elegant, durable best products. Hammered copper switches, switch plates and switch plate covers made with their skilled hands always become the number one in the market. If you need to save your hard-earned money, always go in for Mexican hammered copper switch plates that never give you trouble.

Spanish Revival Architecture Styles

Spanish Revival Architecture is probably one of the most striking features of the erstwhile Spanish colonies that are there in the world. Although there may not be many homes currently here that dates back to this period, several architects also model their homes according to this distinct style of architecture. One of the most notable things that can be found in homes of this style is the presence of a large amount of hand painted tiles with rich pastel colors which are a trade mark of this design and is very Mediterranean in its influence. Architecture of the Spanish Revival style has several smaller elements to it and in fact this movement actually took so much wind that it lead to a consequent event which was known as the Florida Renaissance in the USA. There are also homes of such nature that are found in a lot of other places too and real estate is really popular among probable buyers. Check with real estate agents who do indeed deal in homes like this and find the plane which will suite you. Homes like this do indeed come in large sizes and they are generally above the mark of 3000 sq feet if not more. Get more facts on home styles and decor at

4 Keys to Southwestern Home Decor: Palette, Furniture, Fabric, and Accents

Mixteco Zapoteco Wool Mexican Handwoven RugsMexican or Southwest decor epitomizes a style that goes beyond borders. This warm, rustic style of old Mexico and the U.S. Southwest has become increasingly popular for its ability to provide a comfortable, relaxing ambiance. For those who have come to appreciate the importance of our home surroundings in offering a haven from the pressure and hectic pace outside, this style can be particularly effective.

The four keys to Southwestern decor are found in the colors, furniture, textiles, and accents that evoke the natural landscape and the human history of the region. Gone are industrial high tech materials and designs in favor of leather, wood, terra cotta, ceramic, and such. The mix of earthy tones and natural materials, often hand worked, punctuated by bright woven textiles and beautiful handcrafts, creates a surprisingly livable blend of calm and energy. Visit for more home decor.

(1) Color Scheme: Your color palette starts with walls and floors with neutral desert tones (think sand!), or perhaps pale cactus green or the softest adobe pink or cream, and rich terra cotta. These neutral tones serve as a perfect foil for the splashes of primary yellow, turquoise, and sunset orange that lend that southwestern touch.

(2) Low Tech Furniture. If you’ve always wanted leather, consider collecting pieces of equipal furniture. Complement them with knotty pine tables and chairs, some with rush or leather seats or painted frames, Choose rustic metal knobs pulls or other accents that reveal the human touch. An advantage of this style is that the well-built pieces will withstand years of heavy use.

(3) Natural Fabrics. Think fiesta! Find gaily-colored woven throws and pillows the above colors that automatically elicit smiles and positive energy. The traditional striped serape wool capes can easily be transformed into curtains, pillows, and other coverings to pull the look together. Handwoven wool rugs with natural dyes and indigenous themes instantly become conversation pieces, whether used as throws, on the floor or as wall tapestries.

(4) Rustic Accents. Continue the theme by adding light with Mexican tin mirrors and rustic light sconces. Some carefully selected Talavera pottery and hand painted ceramic tiles will give your home an individualized touch that lifts it out of the ordinary, as will other Mexican and indigenous handicrafts, from figurines to bowls, and even a well-placed cactus in a hand thrown pot.